Scott Manley for New York State Assembly

Remember: Election Day is on Tuesday, November 6th.

Unsure where to vote?  Visit the New York State Board of Elections and use their online form to help! Click here: NYS BoE Voter Info 

Scott Manley is a retired Sergeant with twenty-five years of service with the Town of Newburgh Police, a resident of the Hudson Valley for over forty years, and Town Councilman for the Town of Newburgh. Scott is running to be Assemblyman for the 104th district to bring his experience, integrity, and commitment to public service to Albany.

In the early months of 2018, we lost our State Assemblyman. Through serving the 104th Assembly District for over half a decade, Frank Skartados developed a reputation for his ability to work across partisan lines to bring State resources to the district. As Town Councilman, Scott worked extensively with Skartados to resolve local projects and issues, and remembers Skartados’ legacy of public service. Scott decided to run for the 104th Assembly seat because he believes the tradition of honest public service to the 104th should be continued.

In the race for the 104th Assembly seat, Scott is different from other candidates in that he isn’t just another party candidate. In a political climate thick with divisive arguments and polarized opinions, Scott shares values with people from across the political spectrum, ranging from fiscal policy to social rights. Scott is unafraid to show his support for the LGBT+ community, discuss the rights of responsible firearm owners, and explore the issues facing our farmers. Scott is a candidate of genuine character that we can rely on to not only be an advocate for our values in Albany, but a presence of responsibility in the New York State Assembly. Scott hopes he can count on your vote on Election Day, November 6th.

"I know when I ask Scott Manley to take care of something, it's going to be done.
Charles Kehoe, Chief of Police, Town Board Meeting, 1995

Make New York a Better Place to Own a Home and Raise a Family

Reconfigure How We Fund Our Schools

Improve, Repair, Evolve Our Infrastructure

Support, Advocate, and Work With Our Farmers

Protect Women's Health, Responsible Gun Ownership, and LGBT+ Rights

Ensure Our Schools Are Safe

Make Our Government Accountable and Attack Corruption


Some quotes from Social Media : 

Victoria Kirwan Fabiano to 

I would like to take this moment and ask for those of you who live in the 104th assembly district, which includes both the Town and City of Newburgh, the cities of Beacon and Poughkeepsie, the Towns of Marlborough, Lloyd, Milton and Highland to get out and vote for Scott Manley. In these highly partisan times, it is quite refreshing to have a candidate willing to work across party lines for the good of his constituents and that man is Scott Manley. Scott has shown throughout his life a dedication to helping others whether as a Town of Newburgh police officer or as our Town Councilman. His dedication to serving others will continue in Albany. Like my dad, Tom Kirwan, Scott is not your typical politician. Scott will be a strong advocate for all of us regardless of party. Our family will be voting for Scott Manley on November 6th!

Kendra Scalia : "That's right! He's running on a Republican ticket but he's not your typical Republican. Scott Manley crosses the party aisle in causes he supports and the way he works! His character and experience far exceeds the reputation of the party next to his name."


Kevin Serrette : I live in Georgia now but was raised in Newburgh. I’ve known Scott Manely for many years, long before he had political ambitions. But what he’s always had that missing in most candidates these days is Integrity! Scott is here not just for the right reasons but because he is still one of the people. Scott I wish still lived there, You’d have My Vote. But I have a lot of family and friends who I will reach out to because you’re worth my time!

David Levinson I am pleased to endorse Scott Manley for the office of NY State Assembly. I have known Scott since he was a student at Newburgh Free Academy. I have watched as he grew from a Boy Scout and student to a college student, Police Officer, neighbor, member of the Town of Newburgh council, to Deputy Supervisor in the town. He has never strayed from his life goal to help others, and make our area a better place. Now he is ready to embark on another phase of his life to expand what he has done for our town and county to the state level. He has our vote, and I hope he has yours too. I am positive he will not let you down.


Barbara Ann Brewer Scott Manley Your 100% right, you are the best candidate for the job and I know you will have our backs regardless of party



Phil DeAngelo Scott- I’m going cross “party” lines here and give you my full endorsement on election day. 


Just getting to know you from town government, you are a standup guy, you do the right thing and you really care for people . You have a quality that is seldom found today especially up in Albany! Good luck my friend!

Margaret O'Neill Gaydos Scott, I think you are the only candidate in America that has bipartisan support. It is a shame all campaigns cant run like this, support the best person for the job, not blindly supporting a party. You will be great!!!

Words that resinate to me from John F. Kennedy :  "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."






  •  Republican Candidiate
  •  Family History of LGBT+, Women's Health Support
  • As a councilman Endorsed by Police Conference of New York​
  •  Endorsed by New York State Fraternal Order of Police
  • Endorsed by Gil Piaquadio - Supervisor Town of Newburgh
  • Endorsed by Rob Rolison - Mayor of the City of Poughkeepsie
  • Endorsed by Paul Hansut - Supervisor of the Town of Lloyd
  • Endorsed by Rich Gerentine - Ulster County Legislator
  • Endorsed by the Family of former Assemblyman Tom Kirwan 
  • As a councilman Endorsed by Hudson Valley Building and Construction Trades
  • As a councilman Endorsed by Local 17 Laborors Union
  • Homeowner
  • Town resident for over 40 years
  • Three year member of the Town Of Newburgh Town Board
  • One year as Deputy Supervisor of the Town of Newburgh 
  • Retired Town of Newburgh Police Sergeant
  • Maintaining Quality of Life and Public Safety are my top goals in addition with holding the line on taxes
  • Member of the Orange County Shields
  • Member of the Mid Hudson Lodge of the Fraternal order of the Police
  • Former President of the Town of Newburgh PBA and the Newburgh Jaycees
  • Member of Newburgh/ Highland Falls NAACP


We are now registered and set up to take donations. Checks can be made to "Scott Manley for Assembly" and sent to 4 Kentucky Dr., Newburgh, NY 12550.

If you are local, Scott can personally pick them up. If you prefer to donate on line just click below:

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